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     Sheila Ferguson is a Canadian-American Fashion Designer, Photographer, Author and Entrepreneur. Artistic expression- her focus.  Ferguson studied Studio Art and Creative Writing at Indiana University. Her artistic talents have taken her on a multidisciplinary journey that is constantly evolving, but one she has nevertheless named JealousyJane.

      Her work is frequently published internationally in magazines, galleries, and websites.  Ferguson creates one-of-a-kind avant garde red carpet gowns, wedding gowns, high-fashion costumes swimwear, lingerie and friday night dresses. 

     She says, “My mother says I was born with a crayon in my hand. Art was my focus all through school, including in college. I majored in Studio Art and Creative Writing at Indiana University. I initially thought I would be a painting professor but life took me in a different direction. My mother made most of my clothing as a child and as a young adult I began making clothing and costumes for myself. People started taking notice and asked me to make costumes for them for Halloween, and now it has evolved into a full time career where I offer High Fashion gowns and dresses, unique swimwear, boudoir, bridal and high end costuming.”

     “My first runway show was over 10 years ago. I sent in a submission to a runway show in Bloomington Indiana and I was accepted to show one design. After the event, I remember tearing up thinking that it was the ceiling of my career as an artist. Thankfully I was mistaken. Since then I have done over 35 runways and gallery exhibits. I’m internationally published in the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and published in several U.S. based magazines as well."





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