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COMMERCIAL Photography

As a business, your first impression is so important!  


In this digital world, first impressions are often images found online. If your potential customers aren’t enticed by your images, you lose a chance to show how great you are!  

We want to help you get those ideal customers in your doors by telling YOUR story through pictures.


​ At JealousyJane, we believe that the photos we take will not just enhance your business, but will actually provide a return on your investment.


Here’s how:

Beautiful photos build a deeper connection between you and your clients.

After all, we are a visual society and we have every capacity to search for what we’re looking for via computers and mobile devices. Whether your clients are looking for a house or car to buy, a commercial space to lease, a contractor, the perfect family doctor, veterinarian or a service or good you provide, professional images of these things will help connect you with your audience in a memorable way.

Amateur photography rarely doesn’t look amateur (sorry!).

A professional and experienced photographer knows exactly what time of day and what accessories are needed to take photos with the best lighting. They have high-quality gear and the right lenses. Then they are able to process raw images in a digital studio and edit them to look vibrant, sharp, and beautiful. Although it may seem simple, this is really not an area where you want to DIY it (and definitely not with your smartphone).

Without professional photographs, it’s nearly impossible to do direct marketing.

From brochures to websites to mailings, no matter what you need to create for marketing your business, you will need high-quality images. Stock images rarely do the trick — they simply don’t do as well at connecting with real people. Investing in professional photos is something you’ll want to do before working with a graphic designer or web developer.

Quality shows up at all levels of your business.

If you consider your company to adhere to the highest standards, whether in the goods you sell or the services you provide, it only makes sense to have the visual representation of those standards also be of the highest quality. Consider photography to be part of your core branding.  When your imagery that communicates your brand is sub-par, it subconsciously says to your potential customers that you and your company are sub-par.

We understand it can be tempting to ask a friend with a nice camera to shoot some images for your business. But professional photography doesn’t have to bust the budget, and it can and will provide a return on your investment.

If your business could benefit from high-quality photography and imagery that best communicates why your business is better than the competition, please do contact us to discuss your custom needs.

Marketing and Re-Branding 

This can be new visual content for rebranding, seasonal marketing, flyers, brochures, website, advertising, etc. This will require at least one consultation to plan out the details of your individual business needs.

Rates are based on an hourly, half-day (4 hours), and full-day (8 hours) rate as follows:

– Hourly: $200 per hour ( 2 hr. minimum)

Half Day: $700

Full Day: $ 1400

Professional Headshots

You can expect the sessions to last approximately 30 minutes. We suggest you bring two different looks to change into. Headshots will be on your premises, we’ll be happy to bring the studio experience to your place of business.

Price:              $129.00/person 

Includes:      No fewer than 5 headshots (color and black and white), on USB flash, retouched, cropped, edited and ready for social media, LinkedIn, corporate, business cards, website, etc.

Group rate: $99.00/person for groups of 3 or more


If you’re hosting an event that requires photography, we would be privileged to provide you with a proposal based on your particular requirements. We enjoy producing images that showcase the uniqueness and success of our clients. We often photograph events, such as grand openings, awards banquets, ribbon cuttings, annual galas, customer excursions, new product launches, and conventions.

Price:              $145.00/hr (3 hour minimum)

Includes:      No fewer than 100 images (color and black and white) digital images on USB flash, retouched, cropped, edited and ready for LinkedIn, corporate newsletter, website, etc. 

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