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Couture Fashion Design


Having your dream dress made to order can seem overwhelming and often my clients ask, "Where Do I Start?"


JealousyJane Couture makes the process as simple as possible while involving you in every aspect of the design and production of your desired concept. You can even come with the designer to hand pick your fabrics together in person!



How's it work?


Do you have a reference image(s)? Do you have a mood board you can share? Pinterest board? Sketches? Links? Deadline? Price Point? Any details you can share that help illustrate your desired outcome are always helpful. You can email those to for more information also to begin a dialogue about your needs. 


Include Name, address, phone number, email address, mailing address. 


     JealousyJane  offers couture fashion design services for weddings, proms & any special occasion or night out, or even to accompany our photography sessions or just because.  



 We can be contacted for these services for your special events also. Contact us today for a FREE consultation where you can discuss your specific needs directly with the designer. 


We use only the top of the line materials and products to ensure we deliver quality high fashion. We have state of the art sewing machines and equipment. In contrast, the designer also enjoys the fine art of hand stitching to add a personal touch.  


With over 6 years of professional experience doing runway shows, photo shoots and weddings, you can rest assured that we can handle your fashion design needs with ease and in a timely manner.         We have multiple team members available for your needs, from one cocktail dress to an entire wedding party.  We can generate looks that are intended for glamour, avante garde, &  high fashion photoshoots, senior portraits, child and family birthdays, reunions and various other events. or we can create a traditional beautiful look for a bride or recreate a vintage look or create something avant garde . Whatever you want, we can provide.















FAQs & Common Questions

Having your dream dress made to order can seem overwhelming and often my clients ask, "Where Do I Start?"

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