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JealousyJane has been invited to participate in a charity runway show in CHICAGO!!!!!!

The Live Out Loud Charity is a non-profit organization focused on suicide prevention, anti-bullying and core character development. Our 6th Annual Fashion Show is NOT TO BE MISSED! We will celebrate life through fashion, fun, and education on suicide prevention on SUNDAY, January 15th, 2017. Our event will feature international designers from around the world- along with top designers from the USA, countless media outlets and over 300 guests in attendance. Over 100 models, beauty queens and title holders will take the runway and take a stand against the most preventable cause of death: suicide. Our media coverage and live feed reaches Tiara Magazine readers in over 170 countries, along with local and international media supporters.

To learn more about the Live Out Loud Charity, visit and follow us on Facebook!

To get involved in our mission as a volunteer, model or title holder, email us at:

We are raising money so we can go and take some of our models with us. 


* Hotel for 2 nights (4 rooms with 2 beds each) 

* Fuel for 4 vehicles (10 hour round trip) 

*Meals for 10 models for 2 days. 

To donate please go to:

any amount will help!

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Our First Out of State Runway!

We showed in lousiville Kentucky last night. Here are all the images I'm finding, by various people. Mostly behind the scenes. Please feel free to tag yourselves and those you know. Thank you to Laura Sioux Kirkpatrick for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing event Laura's Angel's : Charity Show. To view more of my work please visit JealousyJane Couture and 
Special thanks to everyone who was involved and to those who came out to support such a great event

Xtyle Runway Summer 2016

JealousyJane Xtyle Runway Images

Special thanks to all of the staff involved. (Staff please tag yourselves as the images come out!) 
Thank you to Xtyle Models & magazine for the opportunity. Kiki Romeo

Jealousyjane Couture staff was amazing and I can't say thank you enough to everyone:
Makeup: Julie Powers Michelle 'stunna' King Rachel Madison
Hair: Erin Foster Cynthia Marie Hopkins
Photography: Tien Linton TN 
Assistants: Tricia Hitchler Oathout Bovary Taritaš
Models: Rachel Thompson Tyrah Burton Christina Noelle Barnes Kelly Meyer Delanie Kent Alonda Marie Andrea Douglas Madelyn Cosner Katie Nicholson Chelsea WittenmyerShelby Taylor Mullins Alexis Gibson Model L Nicole Brianna Todd Aurora Flamini Emily Kern Dakota Bruton Breya Birdsong Gabrielle Maldonado Rachel Madison Mahogani Johnson S Lynn Riley 

Special thanks to the "MOMagers" Michelle McCloud- BrutonGeorgia Lynn Woods Angie Madison Sally J Nicholson Lori Kern Angie Koss Cosner Kristi Bugh 
Special thanks to G2G Jewelry/Metal Couture Ron Ostlund Jrfor some of the metal jewelry design

I have created wardrobe for several underwater photo shoots over the last two summers for some of my fellow photographers. This summer I've decided to add underwater photography and HD videography to my clients as an ALL NEW SERVICE!.  Here are a few samples of my work so far.

We were on the news at 11pm!!!!!!!  click here to view the clip!!!!  HUGE!!! JealousyJane Couture on TV!!!!!

This is our candid video footage of the runway show, there is professional footage coming out in the next few weeks, we are so excited to share, so check back for that :)

JealousyJane Published AGAIN IN THE U.K.!!!!!!!!!!! March 2015 Rebelicious Magazine 

@msladymarlene from our set featured in @rebeliciousmagazine. Neck ruff, makeup, hair by @spoiledcherry. Wardrobe by @jealousyjane 

The Warrior Princess Collection (below)

This Is the Warrior of Souls Defeated. Dedicated to the souls who have fought this battle and lost. That is why there are accents of blood red, to signify the blood shed. photo by Bworley

Staff Photo By Fisher Fotography

Warrior of Darkness, with her raven perched on her shield, she fights through the darkness constantly and may be revered as the strongest if the warriors, always in the absence of light. Her design is made from an old fishing net. I also made her shield. Photo by Orendorf Photography

This is a close up of the Warrior of Darkness hair and make-up. done by Lisa Sego and Inner Goddess Inc. respectively. photo by Sean Quillen

This is the warrior of Water and Wind. Her head dress moves like water and wind, and her gown is as liquid as it gets for a Gown, its movement is very fluid and almost metallic. Her Weapon: the Trident. Photo by Bworley

This is a close up of the Warrior of Mother Nature, done by Inner Goddess Inc, my leading runway makeup team. Model Leah Kinder is made over with an owl eye made from authentic Indiana chicken feathers. Photo by Bworley

Me taking my wave during the Finale walk. This show meant so much to me, dedicated to my mother's current battle with Lymphoma Cancer. Photo by Bworley

Warrior Of Mother Nature was hand crafted by me from 100% natural rope fibers, similar to bailing twine. She has flower arrows, and her armor is actual deer antlers found on my family farm. This is one of my favorite concepts from this runway, and I feel most connected to this one. Photo By Bworley

My finale design was the Warrior of Light. Her gown is hand crafted with 3 different kinds of pearls and 3 different kinds of pearls. She is holding a crystal ball, as her source of power. Her head dress is the most elaborate of all the head dresses I crafted for this collection. It has a geode that I cracked with a pick-ax on my family farm as well as a set of deer antlers found there also. Photo by Orendorf Photography

The warrior of fire! She has a phoenix painted on her leg. Her head dress jingles like that of a belly-dancer. Her weapon was supposed to be actual fire, but we had to skip it for the runway. For the editorial, we will be having actual FIRE! Photo By Orendorf photography

The Golden Geisha, Warrior of the Sun. She is completely dressed from head to toe in golden hues. Her weapon is a golden sword, not shown in this photo. The shoes were even hand painted by artist Gina King. We collaborated to design the concept for this. Photo By Orendorf photography

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