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Publications & EDITORIALs

Photos by Yellow Bubbles Photography  GothesqueMagazine March 2015 (Denver, CO U.S.A., International)

Photos by Yellow Bubbles Photography  Kirameki Magazine March 2015  (Japan)

Photos by Orendorf Photography  Divulge Magazine February 2015  (Chicago, IL. U.S.A.)


Photos by Dauss Miller

Dark Parlour Magazine      February 2014             (Canada)

Photos By JealousyJane photographer TN Linton Eclat Magazine December 2014  (U.S.)

Photos by Jason Tamvakis

Tenebrous Magazine         February 2014      (NYC)

Photos by JealousyJane


Photos by Duke Morse

Photos by Flux Visionaries (kerri Jean)  

Freque Magazine               March 2014           

Photography by JealousyJane

Photos by JealousyJane

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